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QUANDISA stone alpaca bracelets

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Experience the Timeless Magic of Gemstones!* 🌟

For millennia, gemstones have captivated us with their mystical properties. Now, you can harness their energy and beauty with our QUANDISA bracelets.

Amethyst 💜: Find serenity and balance with the calming energy of Amethyst.

Lapis Lazuli 🔵: Discover wisdom and truth with the timeless Lapis Lazuli.

Rose Quartz 🌹: Attract love and compassion into your life with Rose Quartz.

Apatite 🌟: Ignite creativity and motivation with the inspiring Apatite.

Secure snap closures make these bracelets as easy to wear as they are stunning.

Crafted from wonderfully soft, ethically sourced British baby alpaca yarn, these bracelets are not only fashionable but also eco-friendly and luxurious.

*PLEASE NOTE. No two stones are EVER alike and your one-of-a-kind, handmade, Natural Stone Bracelet will have variations from the image due to every stone forming in its own way naturally! Please keep stones away from harsh soaps.


Craftsmanship and Materials

In crafting these unique alpaca yarn bracelets, I employed the method of thread wrapping, which involves skillfully hand-wrapping alpaca yarn around a cotton core. This method allows for the exceptional softness and beauty of alpaca fleece to be showcased in a truly unique way.

Every bracelet comes with secure snap closures, making them not only beautiful but easy to put on and take off.


  • Hand-blended or hand-dyed Alpaca Yarn (100%): I source only the finest baby alpaca yarn, ensuring the utmost quality and comfort in every bracelet.
  • Cotton Cord: A robust cotton cord forms the bracelet’s core, providing durability and strength.
  • Stainless Steel: My components are crafted from surgical stainless steel, known for its hypoallergenic properties and resistance to tarnish and corrosion.

Surgical Steel

Surgical stainless steel has a hypoallergenic composition, which sets it apart from alpaca and low-quality metals. Unlike silver or gold, it is low maintenance and does not require regular cleaning or care, allowing you to enjoy its natural shine and beauty without much effort. Its surface is also resistant to both oxidation and corrosion, ensuring that the components won’t tarnish or emit unpleasant odours over time.


The item will be delivered in one of my pouches, with all packaging materials being eco-friendly and recycled, including the acid-free tissue paper and unbleached postal box.

In case you want to send it as a gift, simply provide your personalised message in the ‘notes’ section during checkout.





3 reviews for QUANDISA stone alpaca bracelets

  1. Michele

    I love my two bracelets . The only slight negative thing in my opinion is that the attachment of the stone to the actual bracelet is loose enough to allow the stone to slide towards the clasp. As I preferred the stone to stay opposite the clasp I have put a little stitch to prevent it from slinding. Maybe a tighter chain attachment? What do you think

    • Marta Kwasniewicz

      Dear Michele,

      Thank you for your valuable and positive review!
      Regarding the sliding of the chain with the stone, I must admit that I have a dilemma here. This also applies to the beads I place on the bracelets. Some customers like it when the charms are loose, although, as you mentioned, they often slide towards the clasp. Some customers prefer it when I immobilize them, though the law of gravity comes into play, and usually, a lighter clasp tends to slide upward on the wrist, while a heavier one moves downward. Neither group is dominant, so finding a solution that satisfies everyone is challenging.

      However, I believe that with the next bracelets, I will follow your suggestion and fasten the chain as tightly as possible.

      Once again, thank you for your comment because it’s only through feedback like yours that I can improve my products!

      Much love,
      Marta Xx

  2. Malcolm Dodd

    Yet another perfect gift for my wife, who adored the first bracelet, as she now does the latest. Simple, professionally designed and presented, yet so elegant.

  3. David M.

    Another great item. Keep them coming

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