I collaborate with alpaca breeders from various countries, turning their precious yarn into the pieces of jewellery. You won’t find them anywhere else! Please visit those amazing places and take a little something special away with you.

The UK

Alpacas of Cornwall, Crawenna Herd (Kumihimo Collection)
Blacklands Alpacas (Kumihimo Collection)
Cary Alpacas (Kumihimo Collection)
JandJ Alpacas (Kumihimo Collection)
Little Orchard Alpacas (Kumihimo Collection)
Stubbs Farm Alpacas (felted jewellery)

The US

Double Creek Farm Alpacas (Kumihimo Collection)
Four Acres Living (Kumihimo Collection)
Meadowgate Alpacas (Kumihimo Collection + Juzz Up Collection)
Roaring Acres Alpacas (Kumihimo Collection)
Skyfiber Ranch (Kumihimo Collection + Juzz Up Collection)


Ballintotas Alpacas (Kumihimo Collection + Juzz Up Collection)


Boyne Valley Alpacas (Kumihimo Collection)
Hushabye Farm Alpacas (Kumihimo Collection)

The Netherlands

Alpaca IJsseldelta (Kumihimo Collection)


Beginental Lamas & Alpakas

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