I collaborate with alpaca breeders from various countries (UK, USA, Ireland, The Netherlands, Australia etc.), turning their precious yarn into the unique pieces of jewellery.

It’s an innovative way to present the end result of your hard work. Elegant and intriguing items made from the yarn of alpacas that were seen moments earlier roaming around in the paddock, are always desirable and eagerly bought by farm visitors.

I am happy to supply Alpacappella Jewellery on a wholesale basis. For more details, please write to

I also do individually commissions either a single bespoke personal item or multi items as desired. It’s very rewarding because behind every collaboration there is a person with their own story who wants to share it with me and make me become a part of it.

I am looking forward to working with the yarn supplied by you. We can develop new designs or adapt existing designs to your needs.

Some of my realisations:

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