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“You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals” – Paul McCartney.


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Established in 2019, Alpacappella Jewellery creates and sells handmade British bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces, and pendants made from the finest quality alpaca fibre.

All our products are expertly made and ethically produced, fully respecting the animals during the process. Alpacas are not harmed when harvesting the fleece and are not overexploited, as they are only sheared once per year. The beautiful fleece product is an additional benefit to a process that is necessarily performed for the sake of their health.

We use only the highest quality British-sourced yarn in all our jewellery, which has been processed in local spinning mills and/or dyed by local artisans.

We take great care in knowing the history of the yarn, to ensure that it fits with our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

“Alpacappella” derives from the musical term a cappella, meaning without instrumental accompaniment. Our products are focused solely on alpacas, with no added blends. Each jewellery is like a piece of art and is full of emotion, much like a musical concerto.

We create all Alpacappella jewellery using a mixture of techniques including crocheting, tatting, knitting, thread wrapping and an ancient Japanese braiding technique called Kumihimo. Alpaca fibre is soft and lovely to work with, producing minimal odour. It is available in a variety of beautiful natural colours (more than 20!) and can also be dyed to create bespoke shades. We pour our heart and soul into every creation, using a great deal of passion and care.



Alpacappella Jewellery

Every story has a beginning; this is ours…

Born in Poland, Marta is a talented artist, creator, and mother. She previously worked in Krakow, Poland’s second biggest city, in a large PR & Marketing department. In 2016, she quit the rat race and moved to a small village in Norfolk, England; and just a month after moving, discovered she was pregnant! She had to adjust to a lot of changes – moving to a new country, learning a new language, and preparing for the arrival of her baby – and alpacas helped her through this challenging time.

“Alpacas can have a huge impact on our mental health. I am living proof of this. They helped me find my place in a new environment and new role as a mother,” says Marta. “I was first introduced to alpacas at a local event. I originally thought they were llamas and had never even heard of alpacas before! I immediately fell in love with these beautiful animals and was inspired to find out more about them. I became fascinated by their story and how they have adapted so well to living in a modern environment with minimal impact on the land. I began to volunteer at an alpaca farm in Norwich, and really enjoyed how quiet, calm, and peaceful I felt whilst around these wonderful creatures.”

Marta was inspired to create something unique and aesthetically pleasing from alpaca fibre that could be worn year-round, and so Alpacappella Jewellery was born in 2019! With a great deal of trial and error, she taught herself to make jewellery whilst caring for her young baby at home – and since then, the business has gone from strength to strength. Marta is passionate about creating high quality, unique statement pieces that are a joy to wear and allow others to express themselves.



Alpaca shearing is a totally natural process. They must be naturally shorn once a year, and their lovely fibre is simply a by-product of this necessary task. Alpacas are kept as field pets, trekkers, and breeding animals, and are not harmed in the collection of their fleeces. They receive a haircut once a year, and we use their fibre, to create beautiful handmade jewellery!

Specialist alpaca shearers will visit a farm annually to complete the process. The alpacas are typically brought into a catchment area, with a mat laid on the floor to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. One at a time, each alpaca is caught and laid on its side, with its front and back feet secured together to prevent any harm coming to the alpaca or shearer. The shearer carefully trims the fleece with specialist tools, usually checking their feet and teeth at the same time, and the alpaca is then released and usually goes straight back to grazing!

Great care is taken when handling alpacas during the process and their welfare is of paramount importance. Alpacas may cry out and/or spit; however, they are just protesting being handled rather than being in any pain – much like many dogs when their nails are clipped or children in the hairdressers! The overall process takes between 10-15 minutes per alpaca and is totally safe and kind to the animals.


We hope you enjoy browsing our impressive collection of handmade alpaca jewellery. Thanks for joining this incredible journey with us!


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