Why alpaca fibre?



Alpaca fleece is one of the most ethical products currently available that is completely eco-friendly and cruelty-free at the same time.
Alpacas are not killed for their fur! Alpaca wool is obtained by shearing the alpaca. Shearing means that their fleece is cut off using a razor or special scissors. Alpacas are not killed (or harmed) during this process.

Alpacappella Jewellery fibre is ethically sourced from friendly farms (mainly British and American) which care for the health, safety and comfort of their animals.

What is it, then, that makes alpaca fibre so special? It is the combination of its softness, strength, warmth, and many other qualities that make the alpaca fibre unique.

Hypoallergenic.  Alpaca fibre has virtually no lanolin and does not trigger allergic reactions in wearers.

Exceptionally soft – the lack of scales and smoothness of the fibre gives alpaca fibre a natural brightness as the smoother surface reflects the light better. The fibre texture of the alpaca hair is smooth, yet strong. Its fibres are soft, yet flexible

Low irritation factor – alpaca is soft thanks to its fibre texture. Fine grade fibre (average fewer than 22 microns) equates to comfortable wear. Alpaca fibre is more special compared to other wool types. Even wool fibres of a similar micron count can still have larger scales, like regular sheep wool, for example. Alpaca wool has small scales that don’t stick out much thanks to its low micron count, but also because it is alpaca: it just has smoother scales than other fibres.

Wide range of natural colours – available in at least 22 natural colours making alpaca a perfect ready-made candidate for eco-lines of jewellery

Sustainable – alpaca itself is a very environmentally friendly animal. When they eat, they don’t pull out the roots of the grass, leaving the land they graze on in perfect condition behind them. Additionally, they don’t have hard hooves, but a soft footbed that leaves no trace.

Less  electrostatic effect

Lightweight –  you’ll be surprised to see that jewellery made out of alpaca fibre will be incredibly light! The hollow fibre of alpaca wool carries no weight because it is filled with air! This means that even though a creation might seem large and heavy, it will carry nothing but a lot of weightless air inside!

Resists odours

Flame-resistant – in case of fire, it does not melt onto the skin like synthetics

Water-repellent – fibre absorbs up to 20% of its weight in water with no negative sensation for the wearer

Wrinkle-free – thanks to its natural silky texture, products made with alpaca yarn will not wrinkle

Durable – alpaca has one of the highest resistance factors of all natural fibres. A human hair’s resilience is rated at 100, wool is 122.8, mohair is 136 and alpaca is rated at 358.5!
Most types of wool will start showing some pesky pills after a while. This is caused by friction. Alpaca fibre will not do this, which is another reason why alpaca jewellery will still look beautiful after years

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