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IMAT felted alpaca bracelet


Introducing the IMAT bracelet – a captivating accessory that blends beauty, artistry, and mindful design.

Featuring three handcrafted half-spheres made from locally sourced British alpaca fleece, this bracelet is a true testament to meticulous craftsmanship. The fleece is dyed using various artistic techniques, resulting in a one-of-a-kind charm for each bracelet.

Designed to gracefully wrap around the wrist, the bracelet creates an elegant and flattering look. You can adjust the size of the bracelet using the sliding bead.

Embrace ethical craftsmanship with the IMAT bracelet, a symbol of our commitment to sustainability and responsible fashion.

Feel the thrill of excitement!

Please note that in The Game of Colours collection, you are only choosing the bracelet tone. However, you have no control over the specific colour of the bracelet you will receive. You can read more about the history behind the creation of this collection HERE. If you have more specific colour preferences, please let me know.



The bracelet has been crafted from hand-dyed and then hand-wet-felted alpaca fleece.
The fleece colours have been achieved through a combination of traditional acid dyeing techniques, as well as innovative experiments with both natural dyes and dyes commonly used in the food industry.
During the wet felting process, I used environmentally-friendly soap.

Each piece is made using a stainless steel base.


– British alpaca fleece
– stainless steel


Surgical-grade stainless steel differs from alpaca or cheap metals in that it has a hypoallergenic formula. As opposed to silver or gold, it doesn’t need any maintenance, cleaning or special care, making it effortless to enjoy its beauty and gloss. Moreover, the surface is highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion, and the components do not develop unpleasant odours or tarnish over time.


The item will be delivered in one of my pouches, with all packaging materials being eco-friendly and recycled, including the acid-free tissue paper and unbleached postal box.

In case you want to send it as a gift, simply provide your personalised message in the ‘notes’ section during




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