Game of Colours – our story

It's an extraordinary collection, born from conflicting emotions but, above all, from hope and faith in the future.
felted alpaca fleece ring stainless steel
Textile artist

I met Ella by chance during a small business training session. She exuded energy, warmth, and openness, and we instantly clicked. 


As our friendship grew, so did our bond. At first, I didn’t notice anything unsettling. But over time, Ella unveiled to me a world beyond her everyday facade. Behind her familiar smile, I glimpsed a soul burdened with concealed sorrows and a lingering disillusionment towards the unpredictable nature of life’s journey. Ella had endured many challenges, and she was still grappling with how to navigate them. While professional help had provided some solace, my dear friend confided in me her need for a spark, inspiration, and immersion in something positive to uplift her spirit.

“You need to embrace alpacas and let them fill your life,” I exclaimed. “They’ve helped me, and I truly believe they can do the same for you.” With those words, I managed to convince Ella to embark on regular visits to alpaca farms, immersing herself in their presence, and… venturing into the realm of colours.


Equipped with a bundle of alpaca fleece, I urged her, saying, “Take action! Create! Infuse your world with a kaleidoscope of hues.” And she did it. It was wonderful to see how playfulness and a specific goal helped her rediscover herself.

Witnessing the remarkable results of her work, her unwavering enthusiasm, and the sheer joy she exuded, I was inspired to embark on my own journey of exploration. I learned the art of wet felting (I must admit, rolling the wool into balls can be quite therapeutic).

From the combination of our work, passion, and joy of creation, the Game of Colours collection was born.


Since Ella experimented with various dyes and blends, we ended up with a wide palette of colours with different shades. We divided them into WARM and COOL tones. We invite you to play the Game of Colours. You can choose which palette we should use for your pieces. However, you have no control over the exact colours you’ll receive. We understand that it requires trust and compromise. Nevertheless, we hope that when you see your surprise pieces, it will bring a smile to your face.

So, are you ready to play?

Much love,
Marta, Ella Xx

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